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Intercalated Student Problem
24 Jan 2024

On behalf of both myself and Micropathology Limited, I accept that the circumstances surrounding the recording and subsequent transmission of what I thought was a private conversation with a third party individual was entirely regretful.

In that conversation I referred to Mr Rai by name, which I acknowledge was entirely avoidable. I also regret any offence that the recording and later publication of the recording caused Mr Rai, or indeed any other individual who was presented with that recording.

I would like to assure Mr Rai, that my comments to that third party individual and my subsequent comments made to the third party who brought the publishing of the recording to my attention, were not motivated by Mr Rai’s race or religion neither of which I knew. I can understand if it was construed this way but this was not my intention.

I acknowledge that Mr Rai and any other individual who heard my comments to the third party, or read my subsequent email communications, were not to know, or be reasonably expected to know, the concern I expressed for the Claimant at the time of his departure from Micropathology. It was not communicated to me whether student welfare support or the university followed up with this.

I accept that there are lessons to be learned from this experience, and this is why the Board and I are committing to a review of Micropathology Ltd policies and procedures. I, together with other senior staff, will also arrange for training on equal opportunities issues in the New Year. The Micropathology Board will also seek direction and recommendations from the Ethics Committee and I will accept and adopt those recommendations.

I regret any upset, offence or distress caused and I would like to wish Mr Rai all the best in his future endeavours.