Rapid Diagnosis and Biomedical Research

Providing a clinically supported service for the rapid diagnosis and management of infectious and genetic disease.

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Our Services

Micropathology supports the UK transplant population surveillance for infection, serving the NHS through tertiary and specialist referral centres and supplying acute infectious disease diagnoses for NHS hospitals across the UK.


Sanger Sequencing

We offer affordable and rapid-turnaround Sanger sequencing using ABI 3500xl genetic analysers.

Next Generation Sequencing (NGS)

We utilise the Illumina MiSeq platform for short read massively parallel sequencing projects, as well as the MinION platform (Oxford Nanopore Technologies (ONT)) for long read sequencing projects.

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Pathogen Detection

We offer a comprehensive range of assays for the rapid detection of pathogens and host responses (see Antibody/Antigen). We also offer viral load quantitation, genotyping and drug resistance typing for certain pathogens.

We will consider any project for the development of new molecular diagnostic assays, with the aim of improving the sensitivity or speed of diagnosis over existing methods.

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Antibody / Antigen Detection

We offer a range of assays for the rapid detection of specific antibodies in human and veterinary samples.

Interested healthcare or other professional individuals/organisations are invited to discuss details of these or other potential services.

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Genetic Services

We offer a variety of standard tests for genetic screening.

Our molecular genetic services are also available for contract research projects in any relevant area of human or animal diagnosis and screening.
We would be very pleased to hear from prospective clients who may have requirements for specific genetic tests.

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Additional Services

Cell Culture Reagents
A full regular testing service for cell lines and tissue culture materials.

Biomedical Research
Research for UK and overseas investment houses considering biotechnology or pharmaceutical company investment.

We are always happy to discuss requirements not specifically listed.