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Change to our HPV Testing
24 Jan 2024

Change to our HPV testing:

We have recently reviewed our procedures and have taken the decision that from now on we will routinely perform both our HPV genotyping assay and HPV high-risk assay on all samples referred to us for HPV testing. We have previously found that it is sometimes difficult to determine which test is most appropriate for each individual sample. We feel that performing both tests should help us to minimise the risk of sending out any inaccurate results. We anticipate that this will be in the best interests of the laboratories and patients whom we serve and that this justifies the increased cost of performing both assays.

Please contact us if you have any queries or would like to discuss this further.

We will shortly be able to offer a carbapenem resistance assay and, once this is up and running, we will be working on a colistin resistance assay. Also of interest to us are various parasitology assays - Leishmania, Plasmodium, Trypanosoma etc. - looking to possibly develop a range of parasite detection assays next year. Please do let us know if you will be interested in requesting any of these or have any suggestions for any other assays.

Also, in 2024 we hope to introduce MecA/C (Methicillin resistance) in staphylococcous species, Panton Valentine Leukocidin (PVL) toxin in Staphylococcus aureus (causes re-current skin and deep tissue infections) and Kingella kingae (joint infections primarily in children).