Sample requirements

The quality of sequence data obtained from a GS Junior sequencing run directly reflects the quality of the starting material. Template DNA should meet the following minimum criteria:

  • The sample should not be degraded or contaminated with any kind of particulate matter
  • DNA should be appropriate for the amplification target (and successful amplification from similar samples should have been performed prior to submission)
  • OD260/280 should be approximately 1.8
  • Concentration should be greater than 5ng/μl, in TE and sample volume should be 10μl or greater

DNA concentration should be assessed using a fluorometric technique.

Amplified DNA may be submitted but Roche Fusion primers* must have been used (with MIDs if multiplexing) and the post-amplification sample must be purified of all short products. If you are considering this approach, please contact us to discuss your submission.

*Fusion primer sequences:

Primer A:
5'–CGT ATC GCC TCC CTC GCG CCA TCAG–MID–template specific sequence–3'

Primer B:
5'–CTA TGC GCC TTG CCA GCC CGC TCAG–MID–template specific sequence–3'