High throughput sequencing

In 2011, Micropathology Ltd acquired our first next-generation sequencing platform, the Roche 454 GS Junior. This is a benchtop version of the GS FLX platform. This instrument uses 454 technology to produce between 70,000 - 100,000 sequence reads with an average length in excess of 400bp on a single run.

454 technology has a wide range of applications including whole genome sequencing, transcriptome sequencing, amplicon sequencing and metagenomic sequencing.

We have specific experience with the following applications:

Amplicon sequencing

  • Microbial functional gene sequencing
  • Large scale multilocus sequence typing projects

Transcriptome sequencing

  • Sequencing of total mRNA from environmental material with prior DNA and rRNA depletion

Metagenomic sequencing

  • Microbial diversity analyses using 16S, 18S and 23S primer sets to target bacteria, fungi and archaea.

More information on applications for 454 technology can be found at www.454.com/applications/index.asp. We are always interested in undertaking projects involving applications that are 'new to us'.

You can find out more about our next-generation sequencing service in the following sections:

If you have any queries about technologies, practicalities or whether our sequencing service is appropriate for your project, please contact Dr Elli Pinnock.