Genetic Services

The following tests are available:

In addition to the specific tests listed, our molecular genetic services are also available for contract research projects in any relevant area of human or animal diagnosis and screening. Further, we would be very pleased to hear from prospective clients who may have requirements for specific genetic tests. Even if your demands are currently being met, please feel free to call us for more information since we may be able to offer significant benefits in terms of cost saving and rapid turnaround times. Other areas already targeted for development include:

  • Screening for an increased range of human genetic disorders.
  • Animal pedigree testing.
  • Individual pharmacogenetic profiling for use in drug trials and/or as an indicator of therapeutic response.
  • Apo E typing and other disease susceptibility gene screening.

 Interested healthcare or other professional individuals/organisations are invited to discuss details of these or other potential services.

Please note that certain tests may not be available without the provision of written consent and/or involvement of a suitable third party healthcare professional.

A minimum of 200µl of EDTA or citrated whole blood is required for these tests with the exception of paternity testing, which can be performed on cheek swabs, and forensic DNA profiling for which we accept a wide range of sample types.  Please refer to specific pages on this website or contact the laboratory for further advice.

Specialist Contact: Dr. Sarah Ball.