Genetic profiling for human identification and relationship testing

We are able to help organisations, such as HM Coroner’s offices, with the forensic identification or re-unification of human remains. We do not undertake work related to ongoing criminal investigations.

The technique we employ for this assay uses the latest technology, and is based upon obtaining a unique DNA profile from up to 15 highly variable, independently segregating loci from across the human genome. Once a DNA profile has been obtained from a set of human remains, the identity of the deceased may be confirmed or excluded by comparison with profiles generated from known reference samples or from known parents/children of the deceased (note that siblings should be avoided).

There is a basic cost per sample for generating and analysing a forensic DNA profile - please refer to our price list. However, additional surcharges may be levied depending upon the nature of the sample provided and the analytical report format required. Skeletal remains and teeth, for example, require considerable extra processing. For further information, or to discuss individual cases, please contact us.