Dr Roselyn Ware, BSc (Hons), PhD

Postdoctoral Scientist

Dr Roselyn Ware obtained her undergraduate degree in Biological Sciences from the University of Warwick in 2011. She then spent a year undertaking research into native wildlife conservation at the Flamingo Land Zoo, in collaboration with the University of York. After her time at the zoo, she returned to the Allaby Lab at the University of Warwick to pursue her PhD; studying the role of resource partitioning in supporting the diversity of British bat species. This involved the use of archeogenetic techniques, next generation sequencing, and bioinformatic approaches to determine the bat diets.

After the completion of her PhD, she joined the Europe’s Lost Frontiers project; a collaboration between the Allaby lab and a number of innovators in the fields of archaeo-geophysics, molecular biology and computer simulation. Her role was to undertake the analysis of ancient DNA (aDNA) from sediment cores collected from Doggerland. Roselyn was also involved in a number of other projects, including the formulation of a model for authenticating metagenomic aDNA, the analysis of aDNA from charred and desiccated archaeobotanical samples, and the use of environmental DNA (eDNA) to study dietary specialisation in the Eurasian pygmy shrew.

Roselyn joined Micropathology in 2020 as a Post-doctoral scientist in the sequencing and human genetics teams.