Dr. Leo A. Calvo-Bado BSc (Hons), PhD

Research Post-Doc Scientist

Dr. Leo Calvo-Bado graduated as a Food Engineer (Biotechnology-Microbiology) in Mexico in 1992 followed by 2 years research in tropical fungi. In 1994, Leo commenced his PhD at the Horticulture Research International at Wellesbourne Warwickshire (now the Crop Research Centre allied to the University of Warwick) working on "Classical and molecular analysis of the breeding system in wild Agaricus spp" supervised by Dr Mike Challen, Dr Tim Elliott and Prof Chris F Thurston at King's College University of London. Over the last 15 years Leo has worked as a Postdoctoral Research Fellow on several projects at HRI (1999-2002) and the University of Warwick from Tomato plant-phytium, Streptomyces-Phage, Bioleaching using bacteria and archea thermophiles, Sheep-Dichelobacter nodosus, high-throughput molecular laboratory for detection and quantification of Leishmania parasite in tissues of sandflies, animal hosts and humans to understand transmission, and as part of a large field trial to test sandfly pheromone against Leishmania transmission in Brazil. In his last position, Leo worked in an Industry-Warwick University project for the production of bio-polymers for bioplastics production by role replacing exogenous bacterial genes into the chromosome of Rhodococcus jostii.

Leo research interests are in microbial communities co-existence and host-microorganism interactions, the effect of their environments and their exploitation for biotechnological applications. Leo is also interested in the application of molecular methods (metagenomics and metaproteomics) to understand the mechanisms of attachment, biofilm formation, resistance, invasion, symbiosis, parasitism and in particular human and animal pathogens.

Leo joined Micropathology Ltd in July 2016 and he works in the area of molecular diagnosis of bacterial pathogens.