Dr Jess Palmer MBio, PhD

Post-Doc Scientist

Dr Jess Palmer obtained her MBio degree in Medical Microbiology with Virology from the University of Warwick in 2013. She then completed her PhD in the Schäfer group at the University of Warwick on the degradation of atmospheric pollutants by phyllosphere microbiota. Jess then continued in the Schäfer group as a Research Associate from 2019-2021 in a collaborative project with the Plymouth Marine Laboratory and the University of Plymouth to investigate whether the bacterial co-oxidation of dimethyl sulfide, a climate-active gas, is dependent on trimethylamines in marine waters. Both her PhD and postdoc research has centred around the use of next generation sequencing techniques to characterise the taxonomic and functional diversity of microbial communities.

Jess joined Micropathology Ltd in 2021 as a Post-doctoral scientist in the sequencing team.