Elizabeth Robinson BSc (Hons)

Charity Administrator

Elizabeth Robinson graduated in 1981 with a BSc (Hons) Biological Sciences from Manchester Metropolitan University. After taking posts as a graduate research assistant at Warwick University and the Technical University, Munich, Germany she returned to Warwick University to work with Professor Alan Colman helping to perfect a micro-injection technique that Professor Coleman's team would later use to successfully clone the first animal - Dolly the Sheep. Elizabeth then moved into the Biotechnology Industry and from 1990 to 1993 was Sales Director and a member of the Management Board with Advanced Protein Products Ltd. She had overall responsibility for UK and export sales of high purity proteins and growth factors to pharmaceutical companies and biological research establishments.

Elizabeth returned to the University of Warwick, Department of Biological Sciences in 1996 as Department Publicity Officer, Administrative Officer for two scientific research networks and Fund Officer for a medical research charity – the Medical Research Fund. The successful charitable appeal raised £6 million of funds locally to build and equip the BioMedical Research Institute based at the University of Warwick - a key factor in the successful bid to establish a graduate school of medicine at Warwick. The charity became independent in 2011 with a wider remit and new name - the Medical and Life Sciences Research Fund.

Elizabeth continues to administer the charity, which carries on successfully thanks to a wonderful network of supporters to raise and provide funding for medical and biomedical research projects locally. Micropathology Ltd very generously provides the charity with office space and covers all overheads.