Dr. Daniel Hand BSc (Hons), PhD

Post-Doc Scientist/Sequencing Manager

Daniel graduated from the University of Birmingham in 2006 with a B.Sc (Hons) in Biological Sciences (Microbiology). This was followed by a PhD, also at the University of Birmingham, studying the canine gut microbiota supervised by Professor Charles Penn.

During his PhD Daniel used high throughput sequencing with a 16S rRNA gene tag approach to characterise the faecal microbiota of 80 dogs. As well as conducting an extensive census of the canine gut microbiota, the work focused on whether distinct bacterial communities were associated with dog breeds. Daniel has particular interests in environmental microbiology and host-associated bacterial communities and the use of bioinformatics and phylogenetics in their study.   

Since joining Micropathology in 2011 Daniel has become involved in the company’s molecular diagnostic work, focusing on DNA sequencing.