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March 2022 – Prices update.

To all our colleagues and laboratories and Clinical Directorates for whom we supply a clinical pathology service.

Dear All,

The last two years have seen unprecedented world-wide demand and usage of reagents suitable for diagnostic work during the pandemic. The prices of all materials has significantly increased during this time. We have managed to absorb these costs by the increased throughput for our rapid diagnostic work during the pandemic. We have always bought our reagents in bulk for economic efficiency and stock-piled wherever possible when the opportunity to purchase became available.

In the last two months and now in the last two weeks since the start of Mr Putin’s grotesque action in Ukraine, we have seen yet further increases in transportation and costs of all materials.

We have been closely following these economic changes and have reluctantly come to the decision that we are going to have to increase our charges for some diagnostic work which will remain fully supported by our clinical work in interpretation and advice. This is the first time we will have changed our prices in 5 years.

Therefore from the start of the new financial year (April 2022), some changes in pricing will be introduced. It is our aim to keep these increases to an absolute minimum and not all assays costs will change.

We can do no more than apologise. The increased costs, with the inflationary spiral for us all is well known but nonetheless the price changes envisaged are a matter of necessity for us to remain able to provide our clinical diagnostic service.

Yours faithfully

Prof Colin Fink Dr David Burnett
Prof Colin Fink Dr David Burnett
Medical Director Scientific Director