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May 2019: New test for Mycoplasma genitalium Macrolide Resistance and new and updated information on our website.

Micropathology Ltd has developed a new assay for the detection of macrolide resistance markers in Mycoplasma genitalium, based on sequence analysis of SNPs in the 23S rRNA gene. All samples requesting this assay will be automatically tested for M. genitalium DNA in the first instance. Download information PDF.

We are pleased to inform you that Dr Mark Atkins, Consultant Microbiologist/ Virologist has joined Professor Colin Fink to provide our laboratory service with extra clinical input and support to cover our 24 hr advice service which is available to all our client hospital staff requiring guidance on the most appropriate sampling for diagnostic purposes in suspected infectious disease. This is a service used daily by junior clinical staff to ensure the most economical and targeted diagnostic assays are applied in each patient problem.

Professor J Simon Kroll (Imperial College and St Mary’s Hospital London) has joined Micropathology Ltd as a part time Honorary Research Fellow.

New publication: da Costa Paula CA, Gore DM, Shah K, Kuit G, Angunawela RI, Barnett JP, and Tuft SJ. (2019). Cytomegalovirus infection is not a major cause of corneal graft failure in the United Kingdom. Eye 33, 833-837.

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