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May 2014: New test Q80K available, change to HCV RNA viral load testing sensitivity

We have modified our HCV viral load testing so that all samples will now be assayed using a single protocol with a limit of detection of 18 HCV IU/ml. This will replace the two tiers of sensitivity that we currently offer whilst keeping us in-line with the current EASL guidelines for viral load monitoring. This new testing procedure requires 300ul of serum or plasma (reduced from 1.2 mls for the previous high sensitivity assay) and sample turnaround will be the same day for the majority of requests received early in the day. This will enable all clients to take advantage of higher sensitivity testing whilst maintaining the quick turnaround required for management of patients on newer triple therapy regimens.

Q80K is a naturally occurring polymorphism found in 0.4% of HCV genotype 1b strains and ~30% of genotype 1a strains. Q80K is associated with a reduced response to treatment with simeprevir. Download information (PDF).

Updated User Handbook.

Updated Test A –Z list.

New Memorandum of Terms of Service.

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